that hot-now sign is a car magnet!

This body given at birth is ours for life.  Period.  No exchanges or take backs. With that utter finality, shouldn’t we protect and care for it like we do our best pair of shoes?

Should be a no brainer but don’t we, as a whole, go forth invincibly until some medical shock or age makes us think twice?  Of course we need to exercise, eat right and moderate our stress for health’s sake.

Woo-wee, though, that Hot-Now Krispy Kreme sign sure is a car magnet! And more often than I would like to admit, I hit snooze, blowing off exercise….again.




Our teenagers hear the wrath as they teeter on the edge or jump in the deep pool of risky behavior. What the heck are you doing? You are not invincible –there is only one you!

Oh how we worry, cajole and threaten with valiant authority as they discover the independent and exciting feeling of clandestine drinking, smoking and fast driving!  The perils are so real and lurking behind every bush luring our babies to the dark side but our preaching falls on deaf ears.

Those of you who know me, know I have an offspring who miraculously survived this period leaving in his trail many great stories and more than a few of my gray hairs.  For him, pushing every boundary and not only teetering on the edge but cannonballing off became an absolute responsibility he took very seriously.

Getting a few years distance between those moments and now allows for thinking time. I realize lately, as I was preaching about holding sacred his one body and life, what was I doing? What are you doing?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

66% of adults are overweight (generally 0-33 pounds above suggested healthy weight for height)

33% of those adults are obese (generally 33+ pounds above suggested healthy weight for height)

80% of adults don’t get the recommended amount of exercise per week (150 hours per week)

17% or 40 million American adults smoke cigarettes


Time for a little self reflection, are you…

  • Hanging on to 20 pounds? Evidently 161 million American adults are right there with you.
  • Hitting snooze when it is cold and rainy– 196 million adults are.
  • Eating that Hot-n-Now a little too often – pick me, pick me!
  • Puffing that cigarette because it just takes way too much time and energy to think about quitting?


Are we not doing the same thing as our kids? Maybe not smoking weed in the woods after school or tipping the bottle in the back of a car but aren’t we the pot calling the kettle black?  Tempting fate, risking heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and not appreciating this intricate creation of the body entrusted to us?

I went to  Discovery Place here in Charlotte and saw Body Worlds this weekend. Simply UNBELIEVABLE!




If you have a chance to see this traveling show, do it. This exhibit is of whole bodies, organs and transparent body slices preserved through the process of Plastination.

Seeing the organs of smokers, slices of overweight bodies with fat hovering around the heart and other organs alongside the pink, healthy ones brought home the reality of living in excess.


One body. This is it.


I am navigating, some days smoothly and other days tripping on cheesecake, this journey of exercise and clean eating for a better me, what are you doing?

I am sure some of you are those super achievers running marathons to which I say You go run proud!  I would love to hear how you are paving your path to wellness so we can share it with others!

If you are ready to make a change, go with baby steps….

  1. Select a goal – any goal is great no matter how small!
    1. Losing 10 pounds by summer.
    2. Walking 3 days a week or running a 5K by summer.
    3. Giving up sugar.
  2. Does it pass the reasonable test?
    1. If you haven’t been running, then selecting a marathon by next month isn’t reasonable but a 5k by the end of summer certainly might be.
    2. Is it something you can put in your schedule now?
  3. Commit yourself in writing or verbally to yourself or someone else.
    1. Having someone to help hold you accountable can be a useful tool.
  4. Look for barriers and how you will overcome them.
    1. Are sweets always in the break room and you want to give up sugar?  Maybe keep a treat in your desk that will suffice when these temptations get in the way.  Sipping on Celestial Seasonings Mint Magic tea works magic while passing on that break room birthday cake. mint-magic-herbal-tea-3d-medium
    2. How are you going to exercise in the morning if it is too cold or rainy to walk? Here is one possibility:  There are some great YouTube excercise videos available.  Here is Jessica Smith’s Power Walk video.  She has many that are terrific!
  5. Plan a simple reward!
    1. Put them in small enough increments so they are obtainable.  If your goal is walking 4 times a week and you accomplish that – take yourself to the movies!

Good luck out there and if you need help making behavior changes or someone to help hold you accountable to create wellness in your life, we can help.

Enjoy your Monday!