what is important about eating locally and organically grown?

    So as we work on overall health, eating has to play a HUGE part!  What foods we eat, where they come from and how they are grown contribute to not only our personal health but the health of our water supply, environment and economy. For all kinds of reasons we are being called to eat locally, organically and sustainably grown veggies, fruits and meats. What difference ... READ MORE

love isn’t always prancing unicorns pooping marshmallows

  Life is hard and relationships are messy.  They certainly aren't unicorns pooping butterflies and marshmallows all the time. In the middle of it all is love, don’t you think?  The essence of all things. The source of our deepest joys and deepest heartaches.   Our wildest laughter and most crushing cries. Love is easy when the unicorns are prancing but what does love look like in ... READ MORE

forgiveness is like the old fat guy


one moment you are floating along and then…

Last weekend we were on the lovely, lovely Isle of Palms in Charleston. My oh my, almost perfection.   Roger had a work thing and I was a lucky tag-along. Soaking up the sun, walking on the beach, this starfish was floating just below the surface right where the waves began. I envisioned her happy in the sun like I was.   Snapping this picture, I marveled at her colors and that ... READ MORE

money can’t stop the ocean

The Beatles sang about it,                                      Tell me that you want the kind of things                                               That money just can't buy                                         I don't care too much for money                                               Money can't buy me love   poets write about it…   WHAT MONEY CAN'T ... READ MORE

that hot-now sign is a car magnet!

This body given at birth is ours for life.  Period.  No exchanges or take backs. With that utter finality, shouldn’t we protect and care for it like we do our best pair of shoes? Should be a no brainer but don’t we, as a whole, go forth invincibly until some medical shock or age makes us think twice?  Of course we need to exercise, eat right and moderate our stress for health’s ... READ MORE