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I need to stop drinking Cokes! How to change a habit – there is science for that.

      I went to Chic-fil-A and got a Coke. Roger was working late and the Honda magically navigated to the drive thru. What. the. heck?     I love Coca-Cola. My numbers are out of whack, Coke is the devil and sugar his alluring mistress but whomp, there it is, in the drive thru again. Pulling up, I whisper,  large Coke with light ice.   ... READ MORE

Friday’s Favorite Finds #10

I know it is Sunday but I have a story.   There is always a story!  These were ready to go Friday morning when I had a computer melt-down.  Nothing on the site was working and as a blog neophyte I was freaking out.  Fortunately, I have Puru, my calm, Indian on-call computer genius. It has taken two days to make this work - India sleeps when we wake and wakes when we sleep.  Ironically, I am ... READ MORE

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Delicious and nutritious vegetarian dish

This is an easy to prepare one dish recipe that is healthy and really tasty.  I love it!  It is in the Simply in Season cookbook that I also love!                       SAUSAGES AND APPLES 4-6 links of sausage pierced in several places  (I used the Field Roast vegetarian sausages and they worked ... READ MORE

friday’s favorite finds #9

On Fridays I will share my favorite discoveries as we work together toward whole health. Links will be included if you want to delve deeper. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns and certainly if you try anything! I hope you like these...     Field Roast Italian Vegetarian Sausages     These sausages are really, really good!  They are ... READ MORE

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