the best way out is always through


Consideration for others makes all the difference


Kindness Matters


I blinked – wobbling and weeping through this transition

I envision my life as a day on the beach.  I have done this for years – seen my life this way.  I don’t know when it started but there is always a warm sun and whispery breeze. Settled, after dragging through the sand with a chair and bag full of essentials.  My towel, the really long one with the white starfish, is spread, my iced tea beside me in the hole I dug.  Sunglass readers and two books – ... READ MORE

Friday’s Favorite Finds #12

It's Friday!  Here are some of the favorite finds this week.  Let me know if you try any and what you think.  If you have any amazing finds you would like to share, let me know and we will get them out. I hope you enjoy these... Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication: Veggie-Full This magazine is full of great veggie recipes.  They are easy to follow and don't ... READ MORE

Julia Child says use fresh ingredients


Kindness matters


The wound is where the light enters


Friday’s Favorite Finds #11

On Fridays, I share my favorite discoveries as we work together toward whole health. Links are included if you want to delve deeper. Let me know your questions or concerns and certainly if you try anything! I hope you like these..   Jicama     My new vegetable find. Jicama's probably been your go-to veggie for years and I'm creeping out from under a rock. ... READ MORE

Prince & his kindness in the shadows

  Not for ourselves alone we are born, Cicero 106 B.C. Names of big important people are on big important buildings. That’s noble. The need is great. But sometimes the loudest voice can be the one whispered in the dark. The mysterious artist Prince was unquestionably a sun-sized talent. Deft at 27 instruments? The world is struggling a little with what to call him - Prince, the ... READ MORE