warm scones and not a drive-thru in sight


As an Integrative Health Coach, some clients I work with are trying to change their eating habits for better health.

Wow is this ever hard! I am speaking from personal experience, for sure. I love large Coca-Colas, but am working on drinking water – my own personal struggle.

One culprit is that our country has a plethora of fast food restaurants EVERYWHERE… and we are in such a hurry. Eating in the car, at our desk, the soccer field and on the run.

It’s hard to get healthy in America.

Did you know according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases   68.8% of adults are overweight or obese? 68.8%!

Last year, I saw firsthand why this might be while taking my first amazing and decadent trip to Scotland with my husband, Roger (actually, it was my first trip across the ocean and I was floating, and flying, on air).

Of the folks we saw over there, if a body was chunky, it was an American.  No fooling.

We got off the airplane/train/bus trifecta from North Carolina to Aberfeldy, Scotland to a really really dark, really really late and really really rainy night.

We learned that streetlights are not a Scotland type thing so dark is black hole dark. I grew to love that part!

We packed in only rolly carry-ons so we got off the bus easily.


Casually, the bus driver pointed into the dark and shared that our hotel was abowut a mile up the rud that a way – it’s a little tricky in places so mind yourselves.

Alrighty then, here we go.

I came very close to wetting my pants as we laughed and rolled our way up the very dark, very wet, very stony, and lumpy, unlevel one lane road to our hotel.

Here is where my story will hopefully begin making sense.

James welcomed us and asked from where we came? We stood dripping and spewed out our adventure from down the road and his mouth hung open.

You’re Americans? You’re the Americans we’ve been expecting tonight? And you walked up the road from the bus stop?   In the dark?

My, oh my. Sean, ya got ta come here. These Americans just walked from the bus stop!

 Tell me that again – ya walked, eh?

Open mouthed looks passed between them and a sharp slap on the back.

I have to say my mind went to Mary Poppins, Close your mouth, Michael, we are not a codfish! But I didn’t share that thought.

Ok, did we miss the joke?

James clued us in. Americans don’t walk anywhere! They ring us to drive them down the road to get a bite or catch the bus.

Which, they said in unison, is only a wee mile! Figure that!

We were expecting a call to come and get you tonight.

Well, you have impressed us laughed James. We stood there beaming amid our muddy puddles.

Now, before I boast too loudly, remember that I love Coca-Colas? We weren’t the healthiest specimens of humans, although we are now trying really hard.

And it began in earnest at that very moment! James and Sean were our inspiration to get fit and get healthy. We now had a reputation to uphold and do the USA proud.

As we went around that week, folks walked – everywhere. It was comfortable to walk – the few cars respected the walker and walkers outnumbered the vehicles.

There were no fast food restaurants and on the highways there were – sheep.  Big sheep, little sheep, white sheep, black sheep, momma sheep, baby sheep, cutie faced sheep….many sheep.

This was the view…DSC_0541





To eat, small towns were dotted with folksy little pubs. And no one was in a hurry. We anxious Americans eventually learned to enjoy the meals and sit, visit and wait, until the waitress came back from wherever she was.

Food was locally grown, fresh and the freezer section in the grocery store was a small bin.

By the end of our visit, we were hooked!  How had we become so boondoggled with quick, hurry, rush and grab here in the States?

Breakfast was sitting down with a warm scone, raspberry jam and coffee.  Deeelightful – not a drive-through for a biscuit and biggie drink.

I don’t think they used the same clocks we did but the relaxed pace made for some happy folks!

Scottish Man with website

This delightful fellow was my favorite Scottish aquantance!

We came back with a deeper love of real food, eating for nourishment, enjoying the meal and each other and loving to walk.

Lessons learned from my Scottish kinfolk for healthy bodies and calmer minds,  go back to real food, locally grown, eaten slowly, enjoying the moment and walking!

I will share recipes and other ideas as we strive toward whole health – we can do this together!