money can’t stop the ocean

The Beatles sang about it,

                                     Tell me that you want the kind of things

                                              That money just can’t buy

                                        I don’t care too much for money

                                              Money can’t buy me love


poets write about it…



by: Daniel Olsson

Money Can Buy
 a job, but not accomplishment.

A house, but not a home.

A pet, but not a friend.

Medicine, but not health.

Decorations, but not happiness.

A ring, but not love.

A book, but not a story.

An education, but not knowledge.

Glasses, but not sight.

Toys, but not fun.

Clothes, but not beauty.

A piano, but not a song.

Paper and pencil, but not words.

A bed, but not sleep.

Food, but not a meal.

A window, but not a view.

Money is the car, but not the driver.


but like petals on the daisy…we love it, we hate it, we love it, we hate it…money!

Of course it’s easier with more money, no doubt.  Life is more comfortable and problems are solved.  Heat in the winter, cooling in the summer, food in the pantry, water from the faucet, clean clothes in the closet, a running car at the ready, and then there are houses, boats, trips, bigger houses, bigger trips, more, more and more than more.

Money makes it easy.

This isn’t a post about the difficulty of living in poverty or the perils of living in excess, although, those are important ones to write.

Today let’s talk about what money can’t buy.



These folks have a zillion dollar house by the water in the loveliest of resorts and still they can’t satisfy the hunger of the ocean.  Bags of sand will quench the thirst for a minute but all the money in the bank can’t pay off the waves.

I work with diligence to have a comfortable and welcoming home.  Throw pillows on the beds and sofas, which actually make no sense at all but they look good!  How much money and time do we spend on superfluous things?

As a culture, we don’t spend the same coins on our health before it raises its hand and needs our undivided attention.  We eat, drink and sit our way to poor health and then want to buy our way out when the tide rushes in.

Here it is though, money can certainly get the best cardiologist but not a perfect heart.

I used to be a healthy one and took it all for granted, like most of you, I am sure.  Then life happened and stuff came around and took my attention – so taking care of my physical health took not just a back seat but I sent it to the backety-back.

Now with high numbers and this and that I play Popeye, eating lots of spinach and exercising and I can’t just buy a fix!


Boy, I would go back and tell my younger self, Don’t ever stop working out, eating right and working to reduce stress.

Too late for that now, the milk is spilt and the cow is out of the barn, so I place sand bags against the house and hope to keep back the waves.

What if we saw ourselves as the gift we are and did something before the erosion? Realizing health can’t be bought and most poor health can be prevented. There are enough horrible, awful, no-good, very bad things we can’t prevent…cancers and other evils that take life and liberty.



Shouldn’t we work to avoid those we can?

Here is the low carb, heart healthy plan my cardiologist suggests:

  1. Colorful vegetables and lots of them – cooked and raw
  2. Wild caught, cold water fish and lean meats
  3. A small amount of grains such a quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat
  4. Small amounts of fruits and nuts




I am eating my veggies and they are awfully pretty!  This pic is from our trip to London at the Burough Market. A colorful plate – this is where health begins.

Good luck out there as you keep that body strong! I would love to hear about your journey to health as we walk this path together.

Carry on brave one,