Friday’s Favorite Finds #19


Here are a few favorite finds for this Friday.  I hope you enjoy them!



Grapery’s website description: “Grapery’s product offerings include mouth watering red, green and black grapes, plus several amazing new varieties. In addition, Grapery has some very exciting, new varieties in trials that are extraordinarily unique and delicious. These varieties will lead the way in the next generation of grapes that live up to our flavor promise standards: to be simply the best grapes you’ll ever taste.”



A friend suggested we try the Cotton Candy Grapes from Publix and most of us loved them!  Here are the votes from our summer full house – Maggie, Matt, Jeff and I can taste the hint of cotton candy but Roger can’t and Morgan doesn’t like them. at. all.

I don’t have a clue how they got grapes to taste a little like cotton candy, but I think they are tasty and they have been a fun conversation piece.  The title is linked to the Grapery website where they list other grape varieties (such as Moon Drops, Gum Drops & Flavor Pops) they have and where to purchase.  They are organic and non-GMO.  Enjoy!




Bai sparkling antioxidant infusion fruit drinks are really tasty.  They are infused with coffeefruit, which has antioxidants.  They have five calories each and are surprisingly flavorful.


Sometimes it is nice to have a canned fizzy something in the cooler and I find this to be a good alternative to soda.  The title is linked to their website.  You can get Bai sparkling and regular fruit drinks.  I get mine at Whole Foods.





You know I love my Jawbone UP 2, but I will say this FitBit Blaze is pretty incredible.  It is certainly the next generation in fitness watch cool.

Three of the people in my house have one and everyone else is itching to get one!  We are all on a fitness craze.  Morgan and Jeff are way up there at marathon level with Matt and Maggie hot on their trails and Roger and I are on the couch to 1K path.

Here are the features that make it stand out:

  • PurePulse™ Heart Rate
  • Connected GPS (this shows the path you have run/walked on your phone)
  • On-Screen Workouts
  • Text, calendar and idle alerts
  • Music control (I think this is a great feature- you don’t have to reach for your phone in the arm band if you don’t like a song. Change it on the Blaze.)
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Color Touchscreen

One feature they all love is the Blaze connects to others and they can compete.  They can monitor how many steps others in the group have taken.  It is a little eery when Matt is here at the house, looks down and says that Jeff is now at 8,000 steps and he is uptown at work.

You can set up exercise groups and have friendly (or not so friendly) competitions.  Jeff is in a work group and the family group, for example.

It is a little pricey at about $199ish.  I will say my folks are in love with it.  So far, I am sticking with my UP 2 but…stay tuned!


Have a great weekend brave ones and let me know if you try anything!