Friday’s Favorite Finds #16


Here are the fun finds for this Friday!  I hope you like them and as always, let me know what you think.

I hope you find them interesting…





This is one of my new favorite cookbooks.  The author, Erin Gleeson, describes is as “Simple Vegetarian Recipes from My Cabin in the Woods”.




Curried Crispy Carrots

Curried Crispy Carrots

Baked Apple Rings

Baked Apple Rings

Strawberry, Cucumber Salad

Strawberry, Cucumber Salad

Green Salad with Scallions & Pistachios & Basil

Green Salad with Scallions & Pistachios & Basil









One of the best things about this book is the pictures.  They are as lovely as the recipes themselves.  I have tried each of these and the pictures are from the book.

The title is linked to Park Road Books.  It is a keeper!






Run your way.
Spotify Running gives you a non-stop mix of music you love.
Every song matches you. Every beat drives you on.




This really cool FREE app from Spotify is different than their typical music app.  Or any other music app that I know of.  Spotify Running matches music to YOUR running cadence.  How cool is that?

Instead of the other way around – you are running to the beat of the music you play.  The music matches your rhythm.  I think that is really fun.

I think it is great but I would love your feedback to share with others.  Try it and let me know what you think.






We are working hard to eat right and exercise to keep our bodies healthy and happy, right?  So, it should follow that before we slather on lotions and make-up we need to make sure they don’t contain toxins and poisons. Our skin soaks these things up and disperses them to our bodies just as if we had swallowed them.

Mineral Fusion is all natural, contains no parabens, gluten, artificial colors, phthalates and other harsh ingredients.  I love this mascara and also use the eye liner and under eye cover up. They go on easily and stay on well.

This company also gives back to the community and tries to be a good corporate partner.  I buy them at Whole Foods.  The title is connected to the Mineral Fusion web site and it shares where else it is available.


I hope you enjoy these and have a healthy weekend!