Friday’s Favorite Finds #17


Here are this week’s fun finds.  I hope you enjoy them!





We now know how good green tea is for us.  It is rich in anti-oxidants and helps to eliminate free radicals.  I am trying to up my green tea game and keep a steeped pitcher in the fridge all the time.

Here is one way to grab it on the go. This organic, certified fair-trade tea comes in several different flavors.  I like the unsweetened lemon.

The title is linked to the Steaz website which will give you retail outlets.  In Charlotte, it is sold in Whole Foods and Target stores.

I always love a company trading fairly with our tea and coffee growing neighbors and this tastes great, taboot.





I love my Mephisto sandals.



This is not a new find but I was reminded how fantastic these sandals are and wanted to share them with you. We went to Asheville for the day and walked a million miles and my feet felt great.

Mine are the matte leather…love them!


Around here most folks enjoy Birkenstocks and that is all well and good – I am not knocking the Birk.  I just love my Mephistos.  They are French born where the Birks are from Germany.

They are similar in both fit and feel with a thicker foot forming bed making them very comfortable.  There is just something special, to me, about Mephisto.  I can wear them for hours.

They come in many varieties to suit everyone.  The title is linked to the Mephisto company and you can find a retail outlet there.





This book was posted On the Nightstand (this is the section on my HOME page that highlights a book a week) several weeks ago but I wanted to make sure and lift it up to you.

This book is one of those rare gems. Paul Kalanithi allows us to see into life and death in a sacred and intimate way that is view altering.

I encourage you to read this true and all too real story. I couldn’t put it down and have referred back to read it again and parts again.  It is just that compelling.  Let me know what you think.  I would love to have a conversation around his thoughts.



Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoy these finds!