because nice matters

My mom lives in this log cabin in the woods. It is a lovely cabin, a cozy place that feels like home and mashed potatoes and a kiss on the cheek and a gentle hug. My mom is like her cabin. That is all there is to say; she is lovely and being with her makes you believe you are lovely too. She is probably the nicest person I will ever know. I want to be as kind and it is a daily pilgrimage to ... READ MORE

Finn, hydrangeas and Peter…with real connections we are more bloomy & less thorny.

  Two stories collided for me this week. Hang with me as I weave them together.  My mind mostly feels like a hamster running through a maze but hopefully, I can bring you to the piece of cereal at the end. I oddly bounced to this metaphor because we have Finn living with us now. His little cage in the den, he is a part of the family. Maggie trained Finn, a Syrian hamster bred ... READ MORE

It isn’t what I envisioned but light comes through the cracks

Today was one of those days when I just couldn’t fix it.  Life hasn’t turned out the way I envisioned. This weekend, in little bitty Clinton, South Carolina, we celebrated Maggie’s college graduation. The weather cooperated, the trees and grass were green and all seemed right with the world. But it wasn’t. When I married Maggie’s dad way back when I was woefully young and unprepared, I ... READ MORE

I blinked – wobbling and weeping through this transition

I envision my life as a day on the beach.  I have done this for years – seen my life this way.  I don’t know when it started but there is always a warm sun and whispery breeze. Settled, after dragging through the sand with a chair and bag full of essentials.  My towel, the really long one with the white starfish, is spread, my iced tea beside me in the hole I dug.  Sunglass readers and two books – ... READ MORE

Prince & his kindness in the shadows

  Not for ourselves alone we are born, Cicero 106 B.C. Names of big important people are on big important buildings. That’s noble. The need is great. But sometimes the loudest voice can be the one whispered in the dark. The mysterious artist Prince was unquestionably a sun-sized talent. Deft at 27 instruments? The world is struggling a little with what to call him - Prince, the ... READ MORE

love isn’t always prancing unicorns pooping marshmallows

  Life is hard and relationships are messy.  They certainly aren't unicorns pooping butterflies and marshmallows all the time. In the middle of it all is love, don’t you think?  The essence of all things. The source of our deepest joys and deepest heartaches.   Our wildest laughter and most crushing cries. Love is easy when the unicorns are prancing but what does love look like in ... READ MORE

one moment you are floating along and then…

Last weekend we were on the lovely, lovely Isle of Palms in Charleston. My oh my, almost perfection.   Roger had a work thing and I was a lucky tag-along. Soaking up the sun, walking on the beach, this starfish was floating just below the surface right where the waves began. I envisioned her happy in the sun like I was.   Snapping this picture, I marveled at her colors and that ... READ MORE

give yourself some valentine love

                            You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love & affection. ~Buddha We take care of our entire world with undivided attention during melt-downs, kisses on boo-boos, our drop everything and deliver that lunch left on the counter ... READ MORE