because nice matters


My mom lives in this log cabin in the woods. It is a lovely cabin, a cozy place that feels like home and mashed potatoes and a kiss on the cheek and a gentle hug. My mom is like her cabin. That is all there is to say; she is lovely and being with her makes you believe you are lovely too.

She is probably the nicest person I will ever know. I want to be as kind and it is a daily pilgrimage to mold my spirit to be as generous. Some days I make a smidgen of headway and most days I fail miserably. I give thanks everyday I wake up that I get to try again.

This stitched piece hangs in the cabin in the woods. It is a mantra my mom holds dear.


It’s as simple as that.  Because nice matters.

The Dalai Lama said…Be kind whenever possible. It’s always possible.

I can picture my mom sitting beside the Dalai Lama on a bench in the sun. I think he would love her oh so much. They would have a delightful conversation and wonder why there is so much hate; so much vitriol spewed; so much unnecessary hurt. Then their talk would move to the incredible beauty and good in the world. Kind people do that you know, see the good over the bad.

A friend and her family work hard to think before they speak. She diligently teaches her children to sift through their responses and gauge whether the words should come out of their mouths or stay put in their brains.

Before they let it out, they ask themselves three questions:

Is it kind? Is it helpful? Is it true?

What if we all sifted what we sent into the universe through that sieve?

What a different world we would inhabit.

Is it kind? Is it helpful? Is it true?

My mom has been living this way her whole life.  She has changed lives, brought light to her corner of the world and made a difference to friends and strangers alike with her gentle words and kind spirit.

I want to be like Mom. I want to be a light.

Walking the beach & making memories with granddaughter Eloen

Walking the beach & making memories with granddaughter Eloen


Kindness & love wrapped in a human!