Surprisingly Brave, LLC is an Integrative Health Coaching group walking alongside folks toward whole wellness and balance and delighted to be doing so.  If you want to more know about Integrative Health Coaching, click here.

Life is difficult but so very beautiful shared Abraham Lincoln in 1860.  Still so true, right?

FullSizeRenderI am Macie Stewart, a Duke Certified Integrative Health Coach, a student on the path to becoming a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and owner of Surprisingly Brave, Integrative Health Coaching.

My life is a blessing made of chaos, real challenges and craziness and much more importantly deep love that has led me straight to this place.

Health Coaching is a fairly new practice and certainly new to me.  For 30 years, it was my privilege to work in non-profit agencies focusing on social justice and relieving the affects of poverty, particularly with children.

This work was my comfort zone and great source of fulfillment.  My brave, tucked in the nest, cozy and warm didn’t want to listen to the inner tugging that I needed a change, it was time, I was out of balance.

But something marvelous can happen when we listen to that small voice of brave, whispering, speaking truth.  It is time Macie, time for a change.

Integrative Health Coaching came to me at this very moment by way of an impromptu morning coffee with a friend.  A scary, perfect fit!

As I finished my certification and saw more and more clients, the calling came again to delve deeper and become a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.

Change is just plain hard even if we know deep to our toes that something has to give. The feather in the logo is the brave we everyone possess to jump out, fly and live the life imagined.

I studied with Duke University’s Integrative Medicine and received certification as an integrative health coach and am currently engaged in gaining a Masters degree in Marriage & Family Counseling/Therapy.  This combines my own life’s experience as groundwork, a solid coaching foundation and a counseling relationship to help folks navigate their own journey toward the life they envision.

Walking alongside folks navigating the path toward physical or emotional wellness and sustainably move toward a life they envision is a blessing.



I have deep appreciation and crazy love for my patient and supportive husband, three fantastic children, two of their outstanding significant others and two really great bonus children all sitting beside me as we ride this crazy blended family bus. They stand behind this new venture and I am forever grateful!



Welcome to this blog – my goal is to lend a hand, tidbits of inspiration, ideas for house and home and a great recipe or two as we walk together through life’s messiness!If you would like to engage in Coaching, are curious about what coaching could offer you or  have any comments, please contact me.  I would love to hear from you.

Helen Oxenbury’s book, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, sums up the challenges of life…

You can’t go over it,
You can’t go under it
You have to go through it!


Let’s go through it together!


Macie A. Stewart
Duke Certified Integrative Health Coach and Master of Marriage and Family Counseling/Therapy student